From an Injured Football Athlete: Katie Howard Story

Jun 09, 14 From an Injured Football Athlete: Katie Howard Story

An injured athletes story of the experiences and challenges encountered and overcome from the Physical Therapy Table back to the Playing Fields by USA high school footballer Katie Howard.  

Hurting my knee brought many challenges I had never expected to face. Knowing I couldn’t play football for almost a year was a difficult cross to bear. It not only made me sad, but it also made me angry. I felt cheated because I lost something that I loved, and I simply had to wait to get it back.

However, my knee injury has pushed me to grow up. Not only have I discovered a greater appreciation for my life and what I still have, but also I can still see how football impacts my life.



Physical Therapy

My first impression of physical therapy was that it was very different than playing football. For me, physical therapy was a place for getting back what I had lost. In contrast, I saw football as a landscape for adventure, constantly pushing me to discover levels of strength and individuality.

However, I have discovered that the determination, patience, and courage that football required of me are also a part of physical therapy. Whether it was trying not to give up because the exercise was so painful, or to keep going even when I was bored, the skills football gave me allowed me to persevere.

Through my experiences at physical therapy, I gained a huge sense of appreciation for football and everything that it has given me.

Immediately after my injury I felt as though I had lost who I was because football defined me. I did not realize that the recovery process allowed me to find myself again. In an ironic circle, football prepared me for getting hurt by forcing me to become able and willing to confront any challenge put in front of me.



Playing Soccer Again

Almost 11 months after my surgery, I can still remember the exact dates of when I blew out my knee, got surgery, started walking, started running, and finally played my first game.

There are moments when I fall on the field or move a certain way that scare me, but in the end, I know the 10 months I spent recovering were worth it. While the months felt like years when I was injured, now that I am able to play and run without inhibitions it feels as though I never got hurt


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